Plateforme des ONG Françaises pour la Palestine

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Who are we ?

17 juillet 2014

The Platform of French NGOs for Palestine was created in 1993, in the wake of the Oslo agreements with the goal of promoting the rights of the Palestinian people, particularly the right to a sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.

The Platform now numbers 41 member associations ; 28 are full members
and 13 are observers.

Its President is François Leroux and Claude Leostic, who was President until December 2018, is Honorary President.

Development, awareness raising & information

The Platform has kept acting long three fundamental lines :
01// To raise awareness and provide information to the
French general public and institutions about the rights of the
Palestinian people ; to play an advocacy role toward institutions and elected representatives ;
02// To be a center for the exchange of information, organisation of meetings and synergy building between French international solidarity organisations involved with Palestine
and Palestinian organisations ; to be a resource center through creating tools for its members and partners.
03// To empower civil society associations committed to the respect of the Palestinian people’s rights and the development of Palestine

A common ground : the charter

The Platform’s 40 associations have all adhered to its 1993 charter asserting the "mutual recognition of the Palestinian and Israeli states, the full implementation of the rights of the
Palestinian people to self-determination and the implementation of UN resolutions 242 and 338, as well as a fair solution to the refugees issue, based on international law."

The occupation : an obstacle to peace

The Palestinian territory has lived under Israeli military occupa­ tion since 1967. Israel holds full control of all Palestinian borders
- air, sea and land. The expansion of colonisation since the 1993 Oslo agreements allows for more land and resources grab, in violation of international law. It’s gradually asphyxiating the Palestinian economy and society and endengering the emergence of the Palestinian state.


The Platform of French NGOs for Palestine is composed of in­ ternational solidarity organisations, development associations, research and popular education organisations or human rights organisations. Some are broad based, others focus on defen­ ding the rights of the Palestinians. The Platform has become an essential interlocutor for a great number of Palestinian, Israeli and European associations, for French public officials, local French authorities as well as for individuals. By pooling their information, their experience and their resources, the Platform’s members aim at increasing the efficiency of their respective work for the Palestinian people.

The Platform’s partners

The Platform of French NGOs for Palestine has long been working with Palestinian NGOs, especially the Palestinian NGOs Network, PNGO grouping more than 132 Palestinian development NGOs involved in development, research or human rights work. In Israel, the Platform is supporting human rights Israeli NGOs opposed to the colonisation of the Palestinian territory. In Europe, the Platform has been involved with the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network.

The French Platform of French NGOs for Palestine is supported by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

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