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La communauté internationale doit accélérer la mise en place d’une « zone de catastrophe humanitaire à Gaza »

13 août 2014 - Appel du PNGO, le réseau des ONG palestiniennes, mercredi 13 aout 2014

Le PNGO demande à la communauté internationale de contraindre Israël à lever le blocus de Gaza et salue la décision du Conseil des droits de l’Homme de l’ONU de constituer une mission d’enquête internationale et indépendante pour enquêter sure les crimes de guerre dans la bande de Gaza.

Lors d’une conférence de presse hier à l’hôpital Al-Shifa de Gaza, le PNGO (Palestinian NGOs Network, regroupant 133 organisations) a lancé un appel à la communauté internationale pour assurer :

  • l’acheminement d’aide humanitaire
  • l’évacuation des blessés
  • la protection des civils
  • la reconstruction immédiate de la bande de Gaza

La situation actuelle ne peut trouver de solution qu’à travers :

  • la levée du blocus,
  • l’arrêt de l’offensive militaire israélienne
  • la poursuite en justice d’Israël pour ses crimes de guerre
  • la fin de l’impunité d’Israël

Le communiqué en Anglais :

PNGO calls on the Int’l community to speed up implementation of declaration of Gaza a ’Humanitarian Disaster Zone’

Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) called on the international community and the United Nations (UN) to speed up implementation of declaration of Gaza Strip a ’humanitarian disaster zone’.

PNGO demanded to ensure the flow of all forms of humanitarian aids as well as evacuate the injured and secure a protection for the civilians, in the light of the continuing Israeli offensive and its repercussions on the initially deteriorated humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) on Tuesday held a press conference at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital Compound, with participation of each of Chairman of the Board of the Palestinian NGOs Network, Mohsen Abu Ramadan, and member of the Palestinian NGOs Network’s Administrative Board, Tayseer Muheisen, and Director of PNGO Amjad Al-Shawa.

PNGO stated that the numbers of casualties in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli military operation about 2.000 dead and 10.000 injured.
PNGO added that 500.000 of citizens forced to flee their houses in different areas of Gaza Strip where Israeli occupation forces destroyed 10.000 buildings both partially and completely as well as hundreds of civil society organizations, factories, and civilian facilities such as Gaza’s power plant and a number of water wells were directly stricken by Israeli F16s jet fighters and drones, and heavily shelled by artilleries.

The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) ; umbrella for 133 organizations, warned the international community of unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the light of the continued Israeli offensive and the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for the 8th year in a row, that caused a serious deterioration in the various aspects of life and destroyed the basic necessities of life in the Gaza Strip.

PNGO demanded the Palestinian National Authority (PA) not only to exert but to intensify the efforts to address the worsening humanitarian situation.

PNGO, meanwhile, called on the Central Emergency operations Committee and its chairman Minister of Social Affairs ; Shawqi Al Issa, to come to the Gaza Strip and manage the humanitarian crisis in the humanitarian disaster zone Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) renewed condemnations to the US administration biased positions towards the Israeli occupation ; which provided a cover for the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.

PNGO assured the refusal of the USAID emergency aids offered over this time to the Palestinian people ; which coincides with US military support with shells and ammunition to Israel to use them against the Palestinians, to kill children and women and destroy the Palestinian homes. PNGO, as well, renewed rejection to the US political conditioned funding.

PNGO called on the Palestinian , Arab and International NGOs that provides the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip with aids to boycott the Israeli products whatever the justification is, not to reward the occupation for killing the Palestinians through purchasing Israeli products.

PNGO raises concerns on the position of the international NGOs both for silence over the Israeli crimes and equality between victims (Palestinians) and the executioner (Israel).

The Palestinian NGOs Network expresses gratitude for many of international organizations and solidarity movements across the world for their support for the Palestinian people and their position on the Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip.

PNGO stressed the need for coordination, cooperation and partnership between the Palestinian and international NGOs. PNGO strongly rejected the exploitation of some international organizations for the current situation to achieve their own interests on one hand and weaken the local Palestinian NGOs on the other hand.

PNGO called on the international community to immediately start the reconstruction of the Gaza strip, and stated that the proper solution for the current situation is to end the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by ending the unjust siege , ending the military operation and bringing Israel to the accountability for the crimes it daily commits against the Palestinian people by robbing their lands and properties.

The Palestinian NGOs Network demanded the international community and various international organizations to hold the occupation the accountable for violating the basic rights of the Palestinian people, and demanded them to condemn the occupation for its violations to the international law.

PNGO demanded the international community too to exert efforts and make a serious action to oblige the occupation to stop the offensive in Gaza and end the blockade as well as open the borders and allow goods and commodities into the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian NGOs Network welcomed the decision by the chairman of Human Rights Council to form an international independent investigation commission to investigate war crimes in Gaza.

PNGO highly praised the intensified efforts of the Palestinian people and the various Palestinian organizations and the Palestinian youth who endowed and represented the spirit of solidarity and support by taking apart in assisting and relieving those who were and are still in need for relief.

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