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Deux noms de femmes pour la nouvelle Flotille pour Gaza

17 mai 2016 - Communiqué de la Coalition de la Flotille de la Liberté

Les bateaux des femmes pour Gaza ont été nommés ! Amal-Hope et Zaytouna-Oliva prendront la mer jusqu’à gaza en septembre 2016. Des noms qui évoquent l’espoir et l’olive, symbole dans l’agriculture palestinienne.

This month, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we concluded our worldwide call to name the boats that will sail to Gaza in mid September. Amal-Hope and Zaytouna-Oliva will sail to Gaza in mid September. Both women’s names represent many languages.

Amal symbolizes the hope that we will bring to the shores of Gaza and Zaytouna symbolizes the mighty olive, the tree of life in Palestinian agriculture. In addition, Oliva was the name of the civil protection boat that Italian activist-journalist Vittorio Arrigoni sailed in solidarity with Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza before he was murdered in 2011.

We also honour Mother’s Day’s origins in the 1800’s with women speaking out against war. We intend to carry this spirit forward with our mission. We have been deeply encouraged by the interest in this important project, which will not only highlight the role of women in the struggle, but will also bring attention to what is happening to each and every person living in Gaza. We are constantly encouraged by the resilient spirit of our sisters and brothers in Gaza and we will continue to bring their stories forward as we campaign to lift the brutal and illegal siege of Gaza.

We received over 160 excellent and thoughtful name suggestions, and have now made the difficult decision to select two names for the boats that will sail to Gaza. Each submission is appreciated and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition looks forward to ongoing support as we prepare to sail in mid September.

Amal-Hope and Zaytouna-Oliva will sail with the purpose and determination behind these women’s names.

For more information please contact spokesperson Wendy Goldsmith at : or (+1) 519 281 3978.

You can support the Women’s Boat to Gaza by donating online :

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Thank you for your support. Together we can end the blockade of Gaza !

In Solidarity
the Canadian Boat to Gaza team

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Suivre l’actualité du Bateau des femmes pour Gaza sur le site Internet de la Coalition de la Flottille de la Liberté.

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